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Days 2 & 3

Yesterday both my husband and my little son were home sick, and the latter needed a fair bit of attention. I tried to write, did 27 words in 30 mins and gave up.

Today my son was back at school and my husband up and well enough to be left, so I took my new lap top to the just-opened National Arboritum. Since it is new, the hundreds of trees of all different kinds are only waist high; and because it is winter they are mostly leafless. So in that sense it wasn’t very impressive. But it is on the top of a hill, and the café has an absolutely magnificent view of valleys and the lake and the surrounding mountains. Getting from the car to the café was freezing, windy and exposed, it felt like it should have been snowing. But once inside it was lovely.

Unfortunately the tables were not a good height for me for typing, the table too tall. I wrote for an hour anyway (around 600 words) but unless I can think of some way around the erganomics (like sitting on a cushion?) I won’t be able to use it as a writing retreat. A shame, because I really loved sitting there with my hot chocolate, gazing out at the world below as I pondered between sentences.

After lunch I drove to the local library (not the big one I was at on Wednesday) but then realised I had already used all my coins paying for parking at the Arboritum so couldn’t park. So I came home.

600 words still isn’t up to the speed I want to be writing at, but it’s better than yesterday!