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Days 35-38

It’s been a great writing week. I already talked about Monday; it’s now Friday and I’ve written every day.

On Tuesday I went back to the café for another 1400 or so words. On Wednesday the weather was miserable and I decided to try again to write at home as that was most convenient, and finally I was able to make that work. Another hour and a half with a similar result of about 1400 words. I think I was floundering around a lot right at the start so that any extra difficulty made it impossible to write, but now I am well into Chapter Two with a good idea of where I am going so it takes a bit more to derail me.

Speaking of which, on Thursday I was feeling very out of sorts and mooched around a lot in a cranky sort of way. I finally gave writing half an hour in the afternoon and added a couple of hundred words, inserted here and there.

Today I stayed home yet again (well below freezing weather during the night and still too cold to enjoy leaving the house in the morning), sat down with my laptop more or less first thing after getting the kids off to school, another 1107 words in 90 mins.

So I have proved to myself I can do it, I can write whether in the “perfect” café, or a quiet library, or at home (as long as I am here alone). Now I need to work on getting in more than 90 mins in each session. My original plan was 2-3 hours a day so I am not up to that yet. But I am really happy that I have written every day this week, even when I was grumpy and didn’t want to and didn’t get a lot done. Consistency is everything.

The story is progressing well. Unexpected side-plots keep emerging and I have to make sure I don’t give them more attention than the main story. But I get very interested in this person or that person.

I haven’t decided yet who will die in the first big crisis. It might be a literal case of “murder your darlings”. Some people already have a role planned for later, but other characters are place-holders at the moment, waiting to have their lives developed. I have to make myself (and the reader) involved enough to care when they die, otherwise they might as well not exist in the first place.