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Days 9 & 10

Yesterday I thought I would have more writing time as my mum was visiting for few days and she could mind the kids. But what we ended up doing took my time as well. I had half an hour at one point and I used it, but neither my kids nor my mum understand the concept of not interrupting me when I am writing, so I managed 175 words.

I hate that this is starting to look like a series of excuses about why I’m not getting my writing done!

Today was so much better. I took them to Questacon, which is an interactive science museum, really awesome for people of all ages. It is right next door to the National library, so instead of going in with them and having fun I sat in the library and WORKED. It was so productive. Over 1200 words in about 80 mins. By far my best session so far. The words were coming much more smoothly. I have now finished chapter 1 scene 2 (and scene 1).

I’m liking using YWriter. You write scenes rather than chapters, I like having the huge novel divided into manageable chunks like that. I’ve introduced my heroine and gotten her into a sticky situation already!