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Days 47-56

These posts are getting further and further apart!

I’ve only just got over the stomach flu that started in my previous post. I continued to write throughout the past week and a half with some good days and some bad days. I’m up to around 20,000 words which is a fifth of a book! Go me!

One day I was feeling unwell and headachy but I forced myself to sit down and write anyway. I only managed around 200 words in half an hour but was still pleased that I had done something – consistency is the key. The next morning I realised that what I had written was just all wrong and had to basically be deleted. Oh well. I still think making myself write on as many days as possible is important.

My protagonist was trying to rescue other captives and opened a locked door only to find, whoops, wrong door, baddies behind it. She only opened that door because of the bolt on it that made her think there were prisoners behind it. It only occurred to me the next day – so if it wasn’t prisoners, why were these bad guys behind a bolted door? Had to change it, lucky after all that it was only a few paragraphs work.

I love when I have a little epiphany, even if it seems obvious in hindsight. Like, I need a storm in chapter three, when my heroes escape from captivity. It was just going to be natural, a coincidence that it happened when it did. And then I realised that I have mages on both sides who can manipulate weather! So now I’ve got a storm, just when I want it, as a consequence of a magic battle instead of just random weather.  Awesome!

Yesterday I was walking home after dropping the kids at school and passed a friend/neighbour who asked if I was writing that morning. She asked if she could come over and write with me, of course I said yes. It is a good motivator to get writing if you have someone next to you doing the same, you can’t skive off and play computer games. So I got a good bit done in a hour and a half. It was a bit weird though. I offered a cup of tea, expecting to chat maybe first, but she wanted to get straight into it. I was at the kitchen table and she sat on the lounge-room floor. She seemed to be tapping away at the keyboard at an amazing rate. Whenever I stopped to think for a moment, I felt rather guilty because she was going so fast. (She was journaling, not writing fiction.) And she didn’t like the music on; not that she objected or anything, I asked and there was polite back and forth about who didn’t mind the most etc. But she was my guest so I turned it off. But I like background music. In short, like many things in life, having a writing date had good points and bad points. I’d be happy to do it again. 

I haven’t gone to a café or the library for a while now because it is winter and I’ve been sick and I just didn’t want to go out into the cold and miserable weather. It was easier to stay home. But only a week until spring so I’ll probably start getting out more again soon.