flash fiction

Day 128

I’ve been struggling a bit with a big fight scene and stalled for a couple of days. So this afternoon I just wrote a summary of what needed to happen and any other ideas I had, around 350 words, and now I’ve cleared the way to move forward. I’ll write that scene later. Despite not doing “proper” writing, it was actually very useful and I found a role for my main character who previously had been more of a spectator.

This exciting fight scene was originally going to be the prologue for my novel, one of the few scenes I actually wrote when I first had the idea for this book. Now it happens around a quarter of the way through. Hopefully by then you’ll know the characters well enough to care about what happens to them. It’s quite pivotal to the story and I hope that eventually I will write it well. It’s kind of amazing to me how much it’s changed since it’s first incarnation, but that was more than three years ago. The people in the scene have the same names, but who they are is actually quite different. How they’ve come to this point has changed everything.

It’s the 7th of November, NaNoWriMo month. Of course I didn’t want to start a new novel for it, but I had planned to use it to inspire me to write every day. Hasn’t worked. Still, I’m doing much better these past couple of weeks than the two months before that.


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