flash fiction

Day 120

Yesterday morning I woke at dawn with the realisation that my magic system had a serious flaw. But I’ve got it sorted.

My writing continues very patchy. I just noticed on this blog that two months ago I had around 20,000 words. This morning I had 25,000 (and then added 1,500 to that). Only 5,000 words in two months! Much worse than I thought. 20,000 words in the first two months, 5,000 words in the second two. Urg. That period included several weeks of sickness and also school holidays, but still. Way behind where I wanted to be. I’m only managing a one-hour writing session two or three times a week on the good weeks.

Today I went to the National Arboretum which has magnificent views and had a good writing session. Got to keep that up.


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