flash fiction

Days 39-46

Trucking along well last week then I got quite sick for a couple of days and didn’t write. But the time wasn’t totally wasted. While slumping around the house or lying in bed, I spent a lot of time thinking about the upcoming big scene, even though I didn’t have the energy to actually write it.

Then yesterday, a Saturday, my family went out and I stayed home because I still wasn’t completely well. After mooching around all morning in a lonely sort of way, I watched a comedy skit show on TV that really perked up my mood. It’s a bit ironic, because the scene I wanted to write was dramatic and violent and sad, but laughing for half an hour really gave me the energy to write.

I left the TV on and spent nearly three hours – by far my longest session – writing the end of Chapter Two and the start of Chapter Three. Because I’d been thinking about it, I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted to say. Because I was still tired and sick and watching TV at the same time (mainly a marathon session of X-factor, a reality singing competition very similar to, say Australian/American Idol), I wrote very slowly. About 1800 words in just under three hours.

Despite the slow word rate, I am very happy with the session. I only stopped when my shoulder started to ache – I have RSI issues which is why I don’t have a full-time desk job any more – but I got the planned material written. And next I have another big scene to write, so that is exciting.

Getting started on this novel was really hard. You have to introduce characters and your world without being boring, and somehow get them started on the path to adventure. I’m sure when I go back and edit, that first chapter will need the most work. But now that the actual “story” is happening, it is going well.


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