flash fiction

Day 24-28

Day 24, last Friday, I got out my laptop at home and opened the document. Sat and stared at it for a while. Absolutely nothing. Gave up.

On Saturday I had a little while between dropping child off and picking child up. I went to the local library, returned some books, borrowed some books, sat and read one of the books for a while, finally did 15 mins of writing. Really struggling with that scene.

Sunday, no writing.

Monday I went to the good local café and did a great hour and a half work. I think it was 1156 words. I just skipped the scene I was having trouble with and moved on to the next one, which worked well. I forgot to pay for my cup of tea and had to go back later – don’t want them to ban me from the café, it’s my new favourite!

Today, Day 28 = Tuesday, I went to the National Library, my other favourite writing spot. An hour and a half, 975 words. Not as many as yesterday but I also did some character description work. I went back to the tricky scene I’d been having trouble with and the words flowed. It was the right decision to take a break from it until I knew what I wanted to say.

Feeling good about the last two days. If I can keep up that pace I’ll be back on track to get this book written (first draft) by the end of the year.


Comments on: "Day 24-28" (1)

  1. good luck to you:).
    I want to be a writer. I started with a bang and got few articles published.
    Now..its been a year. I just cant seem to think of WHAT to write?

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