flash fiction

Day 21-23

No writing on Tuesday. Can’t remember my specific excuse. Had a stressful dentist appointment but it didn’t take up the whole day.

On Wednesday I went to that café that had been ram-raided the week before. The windows had been replaced. It is a nice spot, overlooking the local lake (not the bigger lake beside the National Library). Not overly noisy. The tables are a little high for comfort, but not too bad. I was able to sit facing a partition, right next to a window so I could look out sideways when I wanted. Fascinating conversation behind me as young man went on and on about his troubles to an almost-silent female friend (most definitely not girlfriend). Nice tea and cheesecake.

I got stuck into writing and the words were flowing nicely, and fast too. 511 words in half an hour. Then the computer battery ran out. Totally my fault for not recharging. Very annoying.

Thursday, day 23, I spent the morning at pathology having some tests. Left me feeling quite unwell for the rest of the day. I’ll talk about that more when I get the results. But no writing again. Not a great track record so far.


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