flash fiction

Day 13

(Days 11 & 12 were the weekend)

It’s still the school holidays but my husband is home this week. This morning he took the kids to a movie I didn’t particularly want to see while I did some writing. I had planned to go to a café that I had used to write in once a couple of years ago, it is across the road from a lake so has a nice view, and I remember the tables as being a good height for typing. But when I got there the shopfront was cordoned off, a couple of police were making their way inside, and a local TV news cameraman was taking footage! I drove past then pulled over and tried to find information about it on my smartphone but there was nothing yet.

I drove to the local library which wasn’t to open for another quarter of an hour so I sat in a different café next door. It definitely wasn’t a good writing location. Although nearly empty, it was one of those bare rooms that amplifies noise. The scattered patrons had to raise their voices louder and louder to hear themselves over the echo of the chatter and the growling coffee machine. I just had a cup of tea and read the news which now talked about the ram-raid of that café, then moved into the now-open library.

I managed 840 words in the hour I had left before the movie finished. Basically all of Chapter 1 scene 3, although I’m sure more will be added later. I am not letting myself pause too long to find the perfect word or phrase. I just keep going and know there will be plenty of time to edit and rewrite later. I’ve already gone back and added or altered things in the first couple of scenes as they occur to me, but I am also not letting myself be a perfectionist about it. One of my problems in the past has been going over and over chapter one and never getting any further! My focus is the get this book on the page, I’ll perfect it later.


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