flash fiction

Days 4-7

The flu dragged me into its hell-hole of melancholy aches over the weekend. I don’t generally plan to write on the weekends anyway, but it would have been nice to make up for the very lacklustre week.

Yesterday was the start of two weeks of school holidays, which is going to be another challenge. But I will not be defeated by two mere munchkins! We did stuff all day yesterday (or as much as I was up to, still getting over the flu) and I didn’t write. Today we had a quieter day at home and I was determined to get a bit of this damn novel written.

It took me until 3pm to wrestle my new laptop into submission. I couldn’t seem to get it to work at all, tried pressing various buttons, recharging etc. Eventually, of its own accord, it started downloading updates. That took about an hour. Finally all was working normally. I managed another 35 words. Yay. Go me. I’m just still feeling all blah and yuck.

Well, at least I sat staring at the screen for 30 mins. Got to keep that momentum going. Yeah…


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