flash fiction

The Novel: Day 1

I’ve decided it’s time to finally write that novel. I’ve cleared my schedule for the next six months. I was given a new lap top yesterday for my birthday. I have my plot all worked out. And today I sat in the library for an hour and wrote the first 536 words.

As I have some RSI issues I won’t be able to write more than a couple of hours a day, but six months should still give me plenty of time to write at least a first draft.

I thought it would be interesting to keep a record for myself of how it goes. It is pretty scary to have committed to this, and told a lot of people. I have to come up with the goods!

My WIP is fantasy fiction; dragons and magic. I came up with the plot several years ago and wrote a couple of chapters then, well, didn’t get around to writing any more. But I kept thinking about it and evolving the story. It’s ready to go on the page.


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